Starmax F-35 EDF

The Starmax F-35 (also goes under the brand Exceed) is an excellent first EDF. It is intensive to fly, turns fast, easy to launch and tend to roll spontaneously. But unlike many other EDFs it has great stall characteristics and glides well without the motor spinning, which makes it forgiving for beginners. Mine has had a tough life and the motor was getting weaker and weaker and finally it wouldn't lift. Not too surprising since the fan unit was unbalanced from the beginning.

In its non-kit form it comes with a 14L in-runner driven 5-bladed fan and a 25A ESC. When the setup is in good shape it flies well and is easy to hand launch. Since mine got worn out I have now replaced the EDF unit and ESC.

My new setup with the EDF64 is experimental since peoples experiences wary. Initial testing has proved that the setup peaks at about 35 amperes. Thus my ESC is undersized. I have not reduced the servo endpoints in the transmitter but instead added a telemetry warning on amperage. It has turned out that the ESC seems to be able to handle 35 amperes in bursts fairly well and does not build up excessive temperature.


Flight results

Having had a lot of problems with getting the machine off the ground with the new setup I finally made two adjustments that made it fly. I cut cheater holes in the bottom to give it a little extra static thrust and I went down a size in battery. Using a 1800mAh instead of the 2200mAh seems to have made a difference to whether it flies or not. I can now offer some first flight footage with the new setup.

I have also made a flight log entry with telemetry power data and flight footage, also with the 1800mAh battery.

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