CopterX 450 PRO DFC v5

This is my main trainer helicopter. It was built after a massive crash of my previous trainer, which was a polished second hand CopterX 450 SE/V2 clone with FBL head. The previous version flew very good for the price tag and I decided to go with the same servo and gyro setup for this machine, even though the servos are analog.

Body components


Build notes

  • Unable to fit the ESC under the battery tray. The Plush ESC is a tad bit too thick to fit on the side of the body under the canopy.
  • The receiver shelf that the Align PRO DFC has is missing, slots available in the body side plates (Align part H45136). 
  • Main shaft holder from the Align PRO V2 body design.
  • 3x1000 gyro fits on the bottom plate inside the body.
  • Unpractical to mount the belt unit, belt and tail unit. Not designed for belt but for torque tube.
  • Belt is slightly to short.
  • Tail boom bracer glued, but the glue does not stick and needs to be re-glued.
  • Holes for canopy spinner badly threaded and canopy spinners slightly too short (elevator servo slightly too wide).
  • OWB shaft fits, but not perfectly, in the Align auto gear.

Revision 1

The initial build used the CopterX ESC and motor. The setup had issues with high current draw and I replaced ESC and motor with Turnigy branded ones. The swashplate I received with the kit was defective and replaced with an original Align swashplate.

Revision 2

Fixes after a the tail servo mount broke and the helicopter crashed. Also installed metal canopy holders.

Spare parts

  • Feathering shaft: CopterX CX450PRO-01-12, Align H45021A
  • Tail boom: Align H45037
  • Tail servo mount: Align H45031A
  • Landing skid: Align H45050
  • Swashplate: Align H45188QN

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