January 27, 2018

Very last order from banggood?

A few issues have come up lately that has made me thinking I might just have made my last order from banggood. So what's going on?

Well first off I order less stuff now than I did a few years back. Simply because I'm not spending as much time on the RC hobby anymore. I have ordered other stuff than hobby stuff a few times, like lamps and electronics but the impact of quality is higher on items like that and I tend not to order household products from China.

Second, I've had a few bad experiences lately. Tracking is working less well than before and a few packages never arrived. When packages don't arrive, banggood customer services have started becoming a bit more complicated to deal with (despite my VIP status and my order history!). Worst of all, I got one of my last orders re-sent only to arrive without all the items I ordered.

And third. And this is the most important one. Sweden is changing its policy regarding postal packages from China. The swedish post will introduce a fixed fee for ALL packages passing customs from China via the postal service. The fee will be about 14€. I think this is a good thing. The shipments (especially since Wish started their business) have increased tremendously from China and it is because of a few reasons.

  1. People order cheap Chinese crap products, often without QA and valid certifications. Many are illegal to use in Sweden/Europe.
  2. No VAT is paid on most of the orders.
  3. No shipping is paid, since China subsidizes shipping and the trade agreement between Sweden and China causes the Swedish post to pay the shipping in Sweden.
  4. Most Chinese shops ships each ordered item separately. This is probably due to a subsidiary system behind the internet portals.
So. The Swedish post ships 140 000 parcels from China every day. Many containing small products worth a few euros. The Swedish post pays for the shipping. And local and domestic shops are met with unfair competition since the online shops do not pay VAT, do not meet certification requirements and do not pay for shipping.

It was fun while it lasted, but now that they take care of the problem I must say it was about time.

The only negative part about this is that many times when I order stuff from China it is because I cannot find them in Europe or Sweden. Simple things like screws and transistors have become less available to others than corporations ordering large quantities. But that's still a minor problem in the bigger picture.