September 7, 2017

Problems with mini buck converters

I've been using them for years and put them in so many builds I can't remember. I'm talking about the adjustable mini buck converter (banggood, ebay) . Dirt cheap, small and does the job!

Or do they? Well today I had my first failing unit. I was a bit surprised. I've never tested them before installing and had it half soldered for setting up the voltage correctly. But it didn't work, the converter put out nothing. And yes, I did measure and test and what not.

So I went through the hassle of pulling out the drawer and picking up another one. So this one works, but it tried its best to fool me at first.

So. Negative and positive input right. And negative and negative output? Turns out the last batch I bought all look like this. But except for the silk-screen they are all the same. And of course the output positive is on the same side as the input positive. And the negative is just ground so you might not even want to connect it if you have common ground elsewhere.

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