September 19, 2017

FPV150 got 3 flights

The FPV150 was flying fantastically after the upgrade. But after about 5 minutes one of the ESCs started cutting out. I wasn't running low on voltage or anything and it seemed strange.

Anyway, to make a very long story short, it turns out it is probably faulty. I cannot connect to it with blheli configurator and I actually found in my old blog post that I had this problem with another ESC while building the first FPV150.

So I set out to order a new device. It turned out harder to find than I expected. I couldn't find one identical. Instead I ordered two ESCs from hobbyking with similar specs. I was quite surprised hobbyking didn't carry more variants of this small ESC. Any way, I got a Kingkong and a Multistar. Once upon a time I promised myself never ever to get a multistar again. They used to be real crap. But hey it's revision 16. Sixteen! Did they get it right this time?

I guess I'll find out in a few weeks once I get those props spinning again!

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