August 23, 2017

Mini Fabrikator / Tiny boy base with Raspberry Pi mount

I finally got a work-in-progress projekt finished today and it is well worth taking the time and writing a post on what's on the bench for once.

This time, I made a new base for my mini fabrikator. I had it hooked up the the computer until lately, but it had to move away from that location and I took the opportunity to fit it with a Raspberry to run it with Octoprint. The RPi does not fit well on the sides of the printer so I had to make feets with a bottom where I could mount it. 3D designs can be found on thingiverse.

I made a rather simple grid connecting to the feet of the printer.

Raspberry Pi bottom for Tiny boy
Tinyboy feet with Raspberry Pi. Powered with a 2 cell lipo.

I was unsure if the 5V regulator of the printer controller board would be capable of powering the RPi as well. Instead, I used my favorite adjustable buck converter. This is connected to the 12V power input of the printer.

Out of curiosity I also added a volt meter to monitor the input voltage of the printer to see if the power supply is powerful enough for the printer. The voltmeter is placed in a simple shell (see the thingiverse page).

In addition to the electronic components and the Raspberry Pi I also used 14 M3x14mm socket button head screws and nuts to put the things together. Using M3 screws is it necessary to do some drilling in the Raspberry Pi and use nylon nuts.

Raspberry Pi powered by the printer, with voltage meter.