July 5, 2017

ZMR250 Mods

As I mentioned before I got a ZMR250 together with the new googles I bought.

Since the build has a few flaws I have spent some time addressing them and adding a few upgrades just for fun as well.

First off I went though the solderings and resoldered the worst once. I also upgraded the flight controlled (early version of SP racing F3). I have also added a battery voltage sensing cable to the FC as well as a buzzer that is triggered from a radio channel. Later it turned out the buzzer I use is of inferior quality and it has given up on beeping. What is really lacking in terms of electronics now is an OSD.

The most fun stuff I've been doing is however is designing a few parts the I 3D printed for the frame.

First off is the camera holder. There was already a great design on thingiverse for the ZMR250 but for some reason my camera did not fit well so I made a derivative with a few small changes.

Foxeer camera holder

I did crash a few times, mainly grass cutting, during the first flight and I got a lot of grass and dirt in the frame. So I made some side covers to mitigate this.
Side covers.

New this season is a long awaited upgrade in terms of action camera and I have gotten a mobius mini to replace my old mobius that I have used for years. I designed a super-simple mount for it, prints well and works well. Looks well? Maybe not so much.

Mobius mini mount on the ZMR250.

I also made a holder the the video antenna. The hole arrangement with the transmitter (which is a bulky old Immersion) is not fantastic and I was unable to use the existing hole in the frame. The antenna mount protudes and holds both the antenna and power leads in place.

I have also made my own motor guards. I spent a lot of time and not so fantastic printing time on those but finally got a working design in the end.

ZMR250 with all the 3D-printed mods.