May 24, 2017

Turnigy Fabrikator V2; first impressions

I ordered the Fabrikator v2 fairly quickly after its release. I have a v1 and I really like it but it has its flaws and I've been expecting a v2 which adresses some of those. To quickly summarize the promised features of the v2.

  • Heated print bed
  • SD card and Wifi
  • 100x100 build surface (slightly bigger than v1)

In essence, my first impression is disappointment.
  • It is noisy. Much more than the v1. And makes strange noises at that.
  • Wifi access seems limited to Windows users, I'll get back on that if I figure something out.
  • SD card is unusable without wifi setup, the printer has no screen or nobs.
  • Z-axis seems slower.
  • My specimen has an issue with the z-axis. But I can make it work by pressing the Z-axis down.

First print
It took me a while to figure out what was wrong with the Z-Axis to the printer to start printing anything but a ball of plastic. When it finally started printing I used the recommended "slow" settings. Just like with the v1 the recommended settings is way too fast. By dividing everything by 4 things started working more smoothly.

The first print actually failed miserably after about 5 minutes when the model detached from the print bed.

I have to give some points for the solid build quality of the encasing. It looks good and feels good and this is definitely a printer you can put in your backpack and show off at work or school.

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