May 30, 2017

JJPRO P130 Battler, first flight

I ordered the P130 a few months back when a few coupon deals came together and gave me a nice price on this piece. I just couldn't resist. I've built a small brushless quad a year back before the Chineese started pumping them out and I wanted to see where they were at.

After a long wait, as usual, and a few days on the shelf yesterday was the day I put the thing together. I had to figure a few things out with the connector that needed some reconfiguration to get SBUS going and I also made an antenna holder as I could find any suitable way to attach them and keep them away from the propellers.

I won't waste much time on the details here and skip directly to the test flight.

My first in a long time, family life cuts into the hobby budget from many dimensions. But I still got it. But this quad does not. It flies like crap. The power setup should be powerful enough but it is probably the propellers that limits it. If I push it even the slightest the rear left motor/prop hits the limit and the quad tilts or even flips.

So. Don't buy this, there should be better options out there!

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