May 20, 2017

How other people build

I got myself a new pair of goggles. Fatshark attitude v3. A bit of a desperate move, they are pricy even second hand and I would rather buy the Aomway commanders but they never seem to come in stock. And then a month of shipping when they finally arrive. I can't wait that long.

With the goggles I got (at a price as well, but I had to buy it) a ZMR 250 racer. It's well speced and should come handy. When I received it I quickly realized a lot about how people build their quads.

I'm not that meticulous when it comes to building. I never get it perfect, I take a few short cuts and I try to improve every build I do. Good enough for me. But the build you see while at the club are usually impressive. Every detail is often perfect and to no surprise those builders like to show their work.

But you won't see the builds that aren't just as perfect. Here's one of those. I'll just give you a picture of the electronics. You get the point.

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