May 30, 2017

JJPRO P130 Battler, first flight

I ordered the P130 a few months back when a few coupon deals came together and gave me a nice price on this piece. I just couldn't resist. I've built a small brushless quad a year back before the Chineese started pumping them out and I wanted to see where they were at.

After a long wait, as usual, and a few days on the shelf yesterday was the day I put the thing together. I had to figure a few things out with the connector that needed some reconfiguration to get SBUS going and I also made an antenna holder as I could find any suitable way to attach them and keep them away from the propellers.

I won't waste much time on the details here and skip directly to the test flight.

My first in a long time, family life cuts into the hobby budget from many dimensions. But I still got it. But this quad does not. It flies like crap. The power setup should be powerful enough but it is probably the propellers that limits it. If I push it even the slightest the rear left motor/prop hits the limit and the quad tilts or even flips.

So. Don't buy this, there should be better options out there!

May 24, 2017

Turnigy Fabrikator V2; first impressions

I ordered the Fabrikator v2 fairly quickly after its release. I have a v1 and I really like it but it has its flaws and I've been expecting a v2 which adresses some of those. To quickly summarize the promised features of the v2.

  • Heated print bed
  • SD card and Wifi
  • 100x100 build surface (slightly bigger than v1)

In essence, my first impression is disappointment.
  • It is noisy. Much more than the v1. And makes strange noises at that.
  • Wifi access seems limited to Windows users, I'll get back on that if I figure something out.
  • SD card is unusable without wifi setup, the printer has no screen or nobs.
  • Z-axis seems slower.
  • My specimen has an issue with the z-axis. But I can make it work by pressing the Z-axis down.

First print
It took me a while to figure out what was wrong with the Z-Axis to the printer to start printing anything but a ball of plastic. When it finally started printing I used the recommended "slow" settings. Just like with the v1 the recommended settings is way too fast. By dividing everything by 4 things started working more smoothly.

The first print actually failed miserably after about 5 minutes when the model detached from the print bed.

I have to give some points for the solid build quality of the encasing. It looks good and feels good and this is definitely a printer you can put in your backpack and show off at work or school.

May 22, 2017

Camera holder make for the ZMR250

So I got a ZMR250 "bundled" with the Fatsharks I bought second hand. The nice thing about this frame is that it has been around for some time and there are so many tutorials and printable parts out there to customize the frame as much or as little as you like.

This fine specimen had camera holder made up of essentially a few zip-ties. And it didn't really do the job.

So I printed the simplest camera mount I found on thingiverse. It turned out however that the fit wasn't so fantastic. I got the impression that the form factor of my camera wasn't the same as the maker of the camera holder.

So I made my own mod of it to better suit my needs.

I love how 3D-printing makes things like this really simple!

May 20, 2017

How other people build

I got myself a new pair of goggles. Fatshark attitude v3. A bit of a desperate move, they are pricy even second hand and I would rather buy the Aomway commanders but they never seem to come in stock. And then a month of shipping when they finally arrive. I can't wait that long.

With the goggles I got (at a price as well, but I had to buy it) a ZMR 250 racer. It's well speced and should come handy. When I received it I quickly realized a lot about how people build their quads.

I'm not that meticulous when it comes to building. I never get it perfect, I take a few short cuts and I try to improve every build I do. Good enough for me. But the build you see while at the club are usually impressive. Every detail is often perfect and to no surprise those builders like to show their work.

But you won't see the builds that aren't just as perfect. Here's one of those. I'll just give you a picture of the electronics. You get the point.

May 2, 2017

Inside the Fatshark Aviators

My FPV goggles has started giving up on me, or they more or less have already. There seems to be a malfunction in the power supply causing the goggles to restart every now and then. And that's not a good thing.

I decided to take them apart to see if I could locate the issue. So, I couldn't fix them (I'm not an electronics engineer).

What surprised me most was the very poor quality I found inside. Plastic wiring, dirty circuit boards and broken off plastic parts to make the parts fit inside the shell. And to get the receiver board to fit inside they have actually milled off a part of the RF shield.

Fatshark RF shield, fixed from factory?

Seriously! Where can I find the magic inside those plastic shells that motivated the price of this product?