April 2, 2017

REVO, Flip32 and raceflight?

This weeks biggest waste of time turns out to be Raceflight. I can't tell if it is the fault of raceflight or my own fault by trying to run it on an unlabeled flight controller.

Anyway. I got an unlabeled Chineese flight controller in the package for my X210 build. Banggood calls it a CC3D REVO F4. There is no such thing, but we already knew that already didn't we?

The board comes preflashed with the Raceflight firmware and identifies itself as, in fact, a Revolution board. It's still close to a Revolution, but it doesn't have all the chips on board (like mag and vario I think). The problems began when I realized I couldn't change all the settings in the Raceflight configurator. All options are not there anymore. The port configuration seems broken with missing options like MSP. Something fairly important in my case since I will run the OSD from the FC.

I don't know if it is a problem with Raceflight or the flight controller. I wasted two evenings trying to configure the FC using mainly the CLI (since the configurator is half-broken) and did not succeed. I even broke the firmware once and had to reflash the whole thing and had to start over. Additionally, the firmware takes a minute to boot, which makes the process rather painful.

But I finally figured it out and here's the recipe:

  • This board goes under three names;
    • CC3D REVO F4 (The Chineese favourite)
    • Flip32 F4
    • Airbot F4
  • Raceflight does not work on this board, at least not the latest community binary.
  • Betaflight works with this board. Flash it using the AirbotF4 target. All features are there and you can configure them without the CLI.

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