March 23, 2017

X210 Build; telemetry sensor

This is part one on the telemetry sensor. I got this sensor second hand and had no idea it was the "PRO" version of the e-fuelgauge which is much bigger than the "normal" one. Obviously, with a size larger than the flight controller, this is a no go on this build.

E-Fuel gauge pro with Realacc X210

I will probably strip the sensor from another model to get a small one to use with this one. I can probably use this larger sensor for a larger model in the future.

March 11, 2017

Realacc X210, first impressions

I went through the contents of the X210 package I got the other day and cleaned up and sanded the edges of the frame pieces. My first impression is that the frame pieces are of fairly good quality for the price. I've seen much worse. I only noticed a few obvious quality imperfections, except for the fact that it was dirty and the edges were sharp.

X210 Camera mount

Above is a detail of the camera holder pieces. They stick down through the top plate and fixates to the bottom plate and contains a swivel point for both the flight camera and polaroid cube style action cam. On the lower plate the insets that fixes the plate to the top plate of the frame is not completely milled. Easy fix, but this is the details that imply the lack of quality control and overuse of worn out tools in cheap Chinese productions/clones. Nothing unexpected really.

Another thing i noticed is the lack of information about the flight controller. The kit I got comes with a flight controller which is completely unlabeled. The product page claims it to be a CC3D REVO F4. Such a product does not exists and the product title itself is not much more that pure clickbait. Banggood themselves actually carry a product by this very name. Checking it out it can potentially be the one I got. The board configuration seems to match up well with a Flip32 F4. The only reason I started digging into this was because I quickly realized I had no idea whatsoever how to hook up this unlabeled board. And in terms of manual or product information, there's not much to go on.

March 10, 2017

Realacc X210 on the build table

After a massive 55 days of transport and no less than 28 days in the air between China and Sweden the next race quad frame finally arrived. Or at least, the tracking information claims it's been flying for 28 days. But now it's here and I can start to plan the build.

Realacc X210

This is the stuff I'm planning to use. I've bought most of the stuff from banggood. I got the Realacc X210 package which comes with a set of racerstar BR2205 motors and 30A racerstar ESCs. It also includes a noname F4 flight controller.

In addition to this I also got a second hand R7003SB receiver and a e-fuelgauge at an online forum. Unfortunately the e-fuelgauge is the PRO version which is very big and it's going to be a challenge to get it to fit in the frame.

I terms of FPV I got a new transmitter, even thou I have a few in the drawer already. I wanted one with a display that displays the selected channel. I've grown tired of fiddling with the dip switches which you never understand how to get them right. I got a FT48X. I've never heard of it so we'll so how well it works out. To go with that I got a Foxeer HS1177. I've flow larger Super HAD boardcams since forever but they won't fit in the frames anymore. This camera is essentially the same in a smaller package. To go with it I got a backpack style OSD chip. I also got a Mobius Mini which seems really nice, both in performance and in form factor.

Building is right around the corner, but first off the frame need some cleaning and sanding as the Chinese copies usually comes dirty and with sharp edges.