February 10, 2017

One day build, computer screen wall mount

I did a one-day-build the other day. If Adam Savage can do it so can I! But in contrast with Adam, I usually get 20 minutes of effective work done during a day. Because of this those 20 minutes has to be effective.

I had this planned for a while. I wanted to have a wall mounted computer screen in the Hobby room, mainly to save space by not having it stand on the desktop. I did this before with the old screen that I mounted in the corner for the document reading computer, but this time I wanted to take it one step further by letting it hang on the already installed rails on the walls.

And the day came when I was doing some carpentry in another room so I had all the tools in place and was gonna get the room dirty anyway. And during the hours of carpentry it is easy to squeeze in some side tasks to get most out of those 20 minutes I mentioned.

The design is simple. I had ordered a new screen, with two requirements; cheap and with VESA mounts. I found a Samsung for about 100€ which is perfect for the task.

I then cut a piece of plywood. Old crappy plywood but does the job. 20 minutes does not suffice if I  need to visit the local hardware store, so I used what I had.

Then, just bring out the saw and start cutting it to fit the width of the rails. I also cut out lots in the sides of the bord to prevent it from taking up unnescessary space in the rails. A slot was also needed for the connectors and the mounting for the unused foot.

First round of cutting the plywood board.

The screen had a part of the foot which is fixed to the screen, and cannot be removed. Unless you pry it open and unscrew it that is. So I had to do that, but it wasn't much of a problem.

1 cm thin screen with 3-4cm ugly foot sticking out the back.

Screws to the foot accessible from the inside when the back plane is slightly lifted.

The foot problem has been fixed.

Screen mounted as intended, without the cables...

A bigger problem turned out to be the connectors. That wise-ass at Samsung that designed this 1 cm "thin" screen did not think of putting connectors on the back that does not protrude. So, with the screen comes a power cord and a HDMI cable which will stick out some 4 cm behind the screen. I will solve the issues with the HDMI cable with a angle adapter, but the power cord it a bigger issue. Currently the screen hangs slightly tilted due to the power cord. I'm considering adding standoffs where the screen is screwed to the board to move it about 1cm further from the wall.