June 17, 2016

FM800 mini Fasst receiver

I haven't had much time building or flying lately, but I received a FM800 receiver the other day and I thought I'd do a quick follow up to my previous post. The receiver is, as expected, very small. In terms if size it is actually quite fantastic, it will fit very well inside a small racer frame. The antennas are essentially just two small cables soldered onto the board. It has a small connector and comes with a few cable options (seems to be normal servo connector, connector for APM and connector for CC3D).

I often use the Corona R4FA stripped of its shell and the servo connectors when I need a slim SBUS receiver, but unfortunately I didn't have one free of it's flying machine to compare with. So I scraped up what I had in the drawer for comparison.

From the left: FM800, Spektrum nanolite, Futaba R7003, Futaba 6208
Edit: HobbyKing is now also carrying the FM800 naming it "Futaba FM800" in the title. But I doubt it is a futaba product as other site, like banggood, carries it while only claiming it to "Futaba compatible"