May 18, 2016

Finally some small SBUS receivers for Futaba!

I've somewhat regretted last years that I decided to take the Futaba path with the 14SG instead of buying a Taranis. The Futaba is much more expensive, both the transmitter, the receivers and the telemetry devices.

More so I noticed the new "naked" X4R and D4R FrSky receivers. These small buggers comes without header pins soldered and a small connector for SBUS output directly. Perfect for SBUS installation and excellent especially for small quads which only uses SBUS to the flight controller. I want this for Futaba!

And just the other day I noticed the new FM800 Fasst mini receiver (foxtech, hobbyking) with only a connector for SBUS (and not the clumsy servo header at that). And there's more. Banggood carries a no-name S-FHSS receiver in compact format with only a servo header with SBUS. In fact, the FM800 seems quite no-name as well, not much information on the receiver online, but from the community it seems to have a lot in common with the Corona R4FA-SB when it comes to the setup procedure. I've been making a lot of use of the Corona receiver myself in exactly the way that I would use a FM800, but with some de-soldering and risk-taking.

Between the two receivers, the no-name receiver from banggood comes with long antennas, I would see this as an advantage when installing the receiver in a carbon fiber frame. And since I all my mini-quads comes in carbon, well, I would go with that one. Otherwise, a FM800 with long antennas would be nice. But the present one has soldered-on antennas and a long antenna would probably be impossible.

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