March 9, 2016

HobbyKing slim Mobius video out cable

The standard USB cable, that you connect to the mobius to get video out, quickly because rather clumsy on any aircraft. I've tried using this on my X900 tricopter, but even on that one it was quite impractical to use.

Now, on the XJ470 the mobius is mounted in a gimbal and there is an additional need to use a cable which does not interfere with the workings of the gimbal, that is, a very soft cable.

HobbyKing has a solution to both the connector and wire problem with their slim mobius cable.

This is not a fantastic product. First off the USB connector is not the slimmest they could have made. It protrudes when inserted into the connector on the mobius. I have no idea if this is necessary or not but it kind of break the case a little bit for my tight mounting in the gimbal.

Mobius with USB cable in the gimbal
Mobius in gimbal with USB connector.

Secondly it is covered with some form of goo for insulation. It is probably black silicone as I tried to apply different kinds of glue to fixate the wires in a different position. Nothing stuck to it! Also, the goo does not cover the metal solder tabs of the USB connector and they stick out through the back.

Mobius slim USB connector
Insulation goo on the USB connector.

I managed to reposition the mobius in the gimbal to get it in there, with minimal margin. I have yet to discovery if it is close enough to CG while flying. I might need to add addition weight to the camera to get it in CG on the gimbal. I solved the badly positioned cables using a minimal piece of heat shrink.

USB connector with added heat shrink
Heat shrink on the cable to bend them around and back.

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