January 7, 2016

FPV in the cold cold snow

I managed to fly two batteries the other day while the kid was having a nap. Unfortunately it was -16°C and that has a major impact on battery life. I only got half the flight time I would expect and almost crashed when I pushed the throttle too hard and had a voltage drop. You can clearly see the voltage drop in the telemetry graph from that flight.

First flight I had the mobius in still image capture to try to get some nice winter photos. Second flight I was playing around in the snow. The snow was new and really cold and it would have been a great day to fly a helicopter and capture some turbulence in the snow. Instead I got some on board snow footage, which could have been great if the mobius hadn't gotten full of snow right away.

Quad after racing in the snow

The quad looked quite terrifying after the flight, jammed full of snow. I blew it clean and haven't noticed any issues with the machine because of the snow so far.

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