December 7, 2015

OpenPilot Revolution! Wait what?!

For my upcoming 150 FPV build I really wanted to try out the Revolution nano, as my first revolution flight controller. However, as we all know, they are not easy to come by. They are always sold out at the OP store.

But wait! Right now the OP store is selling Revo nano, but only in kit form. And what kind of kit? An FPV racer kit! But come on, the kit has RCX motors and ESCs and a cheap buck voltage converter. Thats not premium stuff to go with that premium flight controller, is it? I can't buy that kit, I'm really sorry.

But then I noticed that Banggood is selling the Revo nano now. Or are they? It looks very much like a mini CC3D with different printing on the case to me. And hold on, it says "CC3D Mini Revolution" on the case. That's not even close to "OpenPilot Revolution Nano" that it should say. I'm not paying for that black box!

And what about dear old HobbyKing? Oh yes, they are also carrying the Revolution now, but only the full size version. AND they do not mention any royalties payed to OpenPilot for this flight controller, as they would usually do if they would pay them anything.

I suppose I have to wait for OpenPilot to start selling that Revo nano on its own again...

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