December 1, 2015

Mini CC3D

I received, among other things, the flight controller for this winter project today. I chose to go with the new mini CC3D. And yes, it is really small and will be perfect in my future 150 FPV racer.

It measures about 20 by 27 cm and to take the next step in size after the CC3D Atom the servo connector pins have been removed and it has small connector for all outputs instead.

Mini CC3D, case to the left, flight controller to the right.
Classic CC3D size in the middle for comparison.

Normally I would have removed the case to save some weight and size but it is a really tight fit and made from thin plastic which probably makes it lighter than wrapping the controller in a heat shrink tube.

I bought my specimen at HobbyKing, but you can get it from Banggood or ebay if you prefer.

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