October 27, 2015

The winter build; 150 FPV racer

A while back I noticed a post on a forum where someone had built a 150 racer quad. The poster himself loved the small and nimble machine and I felt directly that this is probably something I have to build. I quickly started looking and possible components for the build and put together a spreadsheet with the options at hand.

First off was the ESC. I had specific requirements about the ESC namely that it must be BLheli and it must support 4S. And because of the form factor of the frame, it must be small. I ordered a ZTW and a DYS a while back to see the actual size (specs are often biased). And also to try to reflash the ZTW with BLheli. The ZTW has not been sent yet, but the DYS arrived today. And boy is it small. This will be my pick!

DYS 10A with 9g servo for size comparison

About the frame itself. I'm going with the Diatone ET 150 or the Diatone Blade 150. I haven't decided yet. Since the blade is quite cheap I might order both to see what they actually look like before deciding. Bit first I must cancel my ZTW order since it's no longer and option.

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