August 13, 2015

3GX MR tail adjustments, impossible to reverse compensation direction

I've had a CopterX 250 standing on the shelf for some time. I used to fly it frequently two years ago but had less time last summer and one of the cyclic servos gave up in-flight. Since then it took a while before I decided to fix it and while replacing the servos I also wanted to try out the 3GX MR gyro with built-in S-FHSS receiver.

Other things caught my attention and until today it has just been standing there on the shelf. But today I decided to take care of it.

The 3GX MR is a very peculiar gyro in that it has very few configurable settings. Most settings are fixed and essentially the only thing you can adjust is servo centering (swash leveling) and endpoints in addition to the cyclic gain potentiometer and a cyclic rate potentiometer. Appearently I had almost finished everything except for one little detail, tail servo direction. It was compensating in the wrong direction.

Now, with every gyro I have ever used there has been a setting to adjust the compensation direction. One for each axis as well. On the 3GX MR? No! There is no such thing. With this gyro there is but one thing to do, move the servo to the other side of the tail boom to reverse the operating direction of the servo arm.

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