July 20, 2015


When I built my first FPV setup I guess I was lucky. I had no issues whatsoever with noise interference in the FPV transmission. However, my second setup did and ever since I have always included some form of additional filtering to counter the problem from the start.

With additional I mean that it shouldn't really be necessary. Most electronics claim to contain the filters needed to avoid any interference. But they do not always keep their promises. Especially the cheap no name stuff has this problem. The first edition of the popular TS5823 200mW mini video transmitter had it, and fixed it with an additional capacitor. But even the expensive ImmersionRC transmitter claims to be noise free (the voltage regulator I suppose). But guess what, I had problem with that one as well.

Buying LC-filters was never an option to me. They are easy to build yourself and products available on ebay used to be very expensive. But HobbyKing has changed everything now. Quite a while back they came out with the first LC-filter, speced at 1.7A. I ordered one right away, but it was too clumsy and with probably rot away in the drawer. And then, there was a smaller one at 0.7A. Ordered that one right away as well but it was out of stock and took a few weeks to get into the mail. This one is looking really nice.

LC power filters, CC3D for scale

I haven't used it in a build yet, since there isn't much building going on. But it will come to good use as soon as I put together the next FPV system.

LC power filter, top side

LC power filter, bottom side

July 6, 2015

Got some flight time this weekend

Family life is consuming most of my time this summer but I managed to get some flight time this weekend. First real flight this season in fact. A massive 3 batteries got flown, two with the 250 Ghost and one with the Trifecta.

The ghost did its job well. It felt really nice to cruise around again. This time over beaches and through the woods.

The Trifecta flew very well. LOS it feels more heli-like than quads. That whippy tail and better aileron response is probably the cause. FPV did however not feel as good. I probably need to take down the PIDs a notch, oscillation are "felt" much better flying FPV.

I also got to try out the wireless trainer. It worked well. We used yaw, aileron and elevator only in trainer mode and the student learned quickly how to get around and keep control. One little detail about the R4FA-SB receiver is that it seems to switch back to normal mode when it is bound to a new transmitter.

Unfortunately the mobius I had brought with me had given up and I got no flight footage. A friend did take some stills and we'll see how they turn out eventually.