June 4, 2015

HobbyKing Mini 15A ESC

In one of the recent emails from HobbyKing they announced the new HobbyKing Mini 15A ESC. This is the first DIY:ish ESC from HobbyKing (I think) which has no cables soldered and no heat shrink applied. It is perfect for the builder who always de-solder the leads anyway. What is also peculiar is the voltage rating: 2-6S. Does anyone really believe that this $7 no-name ESC can pull 20A at 23V? Maybe it can.

My personal interest in the device is whether it is a budget alternative to ESCs like the KISS in a mini-quad or maybe a mini tri-copter build. In terms of power specs it looks good but there is no information on the firmware and no information on whether is can be re-flashed with BLHeli. And if it will survive operating with soft dampening.

From what I can see now there is only size that is comparable. So I pulled out what I had. I would have preferred a comparison with the Afro Ultra lite, the KISS and the EMAX BLHeli 12A but they are all installed somewhere. And this is what I had...

From the left: RCX 12A Sky, EMAX 12A Simon Series, HobbyKing Mini 12A

As you can see, size is not an advantage. It is small, but excluding the capacitor the EMAX is smaller. And the KISS is even smaller. I'm afraid this product is a no-go. I won't buy any more of them. The choice will still be between the EMAX, the Ultra Lite and the KISS.

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