May 17, 2015

Where was the locktite when I needed it?

I got a chance to fly today. During a 2 year anniversary childrens party we boys escaped from the children and took our 250 racers to the sky. I was rusty, very. Got two batteries flown during the short timeframe but managed three crashes. One knocked the headlights off. The second resulted in a 10 meter free fall after hitting a tree.

Once I found it it turns out the cage had come loose. Three screws were missing and the last one was coming off. But not broken loose. They were unscrewed. Did I not put locktite on them or is my locktite in bad condition. I had problems with bad locktite before, but this time the fault is probably all mine. I usually complete my builds before locktiting them properly. If I'm going to be this absentminded in the future, it might turn out to be a bad practice.

Do not underestimate the effect of vibrations on an RC aircraft. Secure your screws!

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