May 12, 2015

Driving and flying at work

For family reasons there hasn't been any building going on since my last post. In fact, the trifecta is still sitting on the bench waiting to be trimmed since the change of ESCs.

But I can't live many days without RC and I spend some time flying micro-quads and driving a car at work. Yes, a car. I had forgotten that even if it it seems simple next to flying helicopters, cars are rather fun as well.

I purchased a WLToys L939 for my 2 year old son. I picked this car because it is cheap, it has a speed setting on the remote to make it go slower, and most importantly; proportional steering.

But he wasn't interested in driving with the remote, even if he understands how it works he wants to drive it with his hands. And so, I took it with me to work instead to enjoy during breaks or while waiting for the compiler to crunch through the code. And it is a success!

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