March 15, 2015

Trifecta; second maiden and FPV maiden

Between painting and putting the baby to bed I managed to squeeze in a first test flight with the Trifecta after replacing the ESCs. And it was a success. It flies very well and reliably. I fitted it with a 2200mAh battery for curiosity and with this heavier battery it runs at an average of 10A. Which I think is great!

Flight data from the first flight:

Now that was yesterday. To my surprise I got an opportunity to fly today as well. This time, FPV. I usually fly LOS until I'm confident with the setup of the machine, often doesn't take many flights. So today, it was FPV time. Flying FPV gives a lot more input into the setup of the machine and its flight characteristics. I can still claim that it flies reliably and it does what you expect it too. I don't feel any insecurity in terms of maneuverability. However, there most be room for tightening the PIDs, which will be the next step. I sense a little sloppieness and there's a small bouncy feel to the stable flight.

Flight data from the first FPV flight:

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