March 1, 2015

Trifecta; First test flight

I did my initial CC3D configuration in the living room. This is an efficient method to get the initial settings right. But it's not final. More adjustments are needed after doing more than hovering, testing pitch pumps and windy conditions.

Yesterday was the season opening at the local flyers club and I brought to Trifecta to give it its first spin. With success. It was windy and cold and it flew as expected with slight tendencies to oscillations, quite common after an in-door setup.

In terms of result I had an average current of 9.5A. I was mostly hovering but it was also cold outside which led to a lower-than-usual voltage reading on the battery. The two factors may or may not compensate for that and I'm expecting a higher current draw while flying. Considering this I will probably need to increase the battery size slightly to get a respectable flight time. I will test it with a 1800 and 2200 in the future.

I took it for a second spin today with less success. I strapped a larger battery on it to get some current measurements while flying it a little heavier, some 90g more, totaling at 650g. What happened now is that one of the motors starts to skip. I have no idea why nor why it didn't happen the last flight. I have sent a message to the vendor of the motor and ESC to ask them.


  1. lol because its garbage motors in my opinon

    1. The motors seems fine actually, I replaced the ESC which fixed the problem.