February 12, 2015

Last parts for the Trifecta just arrived

It's not because it took a long time to ship them but more because it took a long time for me to decide to finally order them. The two last pieces for the Trifecta just came in the mail. First off is the video transmitter. There isn't much of a choice here considering limited space on the frame. I've had great experiences with the Skyzone TS5823 before and I'm going to use it again on this frame. I see no reason to use the expensive and clumsy Fatshark and ImmersionRC transmitter when not flying at long distances.

The second part is more of a test. It's the simple antenna mount from HobbyKing, I think it will come to good use since there's otherwise not many opportunities to attach the antennas on the frame. I'm stuck with long antennas due to the choice of a Futaba telemetry receiver, otherwise I would have picked a parkflyer receiver with a short antenna.

Skyzone TS5823 and antenna mount

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