February 6, 2015

Don't fly with worn out batteries

I have a worn out battery that I use on the bench for testing the parts of the machines that shouldn't consume that much. I've used the battery for this for quite some time and apparently I've forgotten how bad it really is.

Because today I tested out the settings of the CC3D in the Ghost 250 quad. And it didn't turn out that well. I noticed early that one motor was lagging and that full throttle did not punch nearly as much as it should. And after a few seconds the quad was having problems flying at all. And then one motor died.

I didn't have telemetry logging enabled. And stupidly enough I hadn't set up the voltage alarm neither. The only thing I know afterwards is that the smallest voltage reported was 6.5V. For a 3-cell. Well, I 'm surprised it flew that long. Check out the end of this video, and you'll see what happens when the battery runs out faster than you expected.

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