January 12, 2015

The Trifecta is here

HobbyKing finally launched "their" new mini-tri-copter, the Trifecta. I and many with me have been waiting some time for it to arrive, since HobbyKing has been leaking footage of it for some time now.

The frame is a close clone/copy/improvement on the pocketdrone frame. You can essentially build a full pocket drone clone using parts from the HobbyKing store, including the flight controller which is an APM, except for the folding propellers.

I managed to order one from the first released batch. I did not order anything else at the time as I wanted some more time to think through the setup. Their recommendations for their new frames haven't always been fantastic. I'm mostly thinking of the initial specs of the FPV250. I'v decided to pick up the drive train from MyRcMart this time. The last motors I got from them looked really good and they have good test data for their motors with different propellers. Something that HobbyKing does not. Here's my pick.

I ran the setup (approximate) through eCalc and got the results below. I think they're good enough to proceed it this point.

eCalc calculation with approximate values

I won't be ordering the tail servo as there should be one amongst the ones in my drawer that is fit for the task. Additionally I will use a CC3D flight controller and install a Unisense-E sensor. This is new to me and I want to try it out as it contains current, voltage and capacity sensors along with a vario and even a motor rpm sensor. It does however come with a price. The sensor alone corresponds to almost half the price of the machine.

Update: Please see the build page for further and updated information.

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