January 22, 2015

FPV Headlights mk2

This is my second attempt at headlights for my mini-quad(s). This particular setup is made for the FPV250 Ghost I've recently put together (build page updated continuously).

This new version will sport a better LED and reflector, namely a Cree XM-L T6 700lm replacement module. The previous version used the HobbyKing headlight and I do expect this to be much more powerful or I'll be disappointed.

I'm going with a similar setup as last time. I'll use the same voltage regulator (although I know this is wrong) but will use a relay switch instead of an electronic one. The choice of switch is due what's on the drawer, I have an non-spec electronic and a speced relay. I'm using the relay that I know can take the punch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrMJiiyVUZQ#t=1200


Parts for the headlights


As usual I start with taking a part the things that have cables. I always replace them as they never seems to be of the right length and have the right connectors. The relay switch was stripped down to see what was inside, mainly to see the quality and how I can resolder the cables.

Relay switch, top side
Relay switch, top side

Relay switch, bottom side
Relay switch, bottom side.

And wow the soldering is just fantastic on this one. Not. I soldered new longer wires for connecting to the quads power connector and soldered the wires to the voltage regulator directly to avoid the additional connector.

Switch connected to the regulator
Voltage regulator connected to the power supply.

At this point I tested the setup. I first hooked everything up to a receiver to test the relay. I ran into a small surprise there as the relay triggers somewhere at 80-90% signal, not 50% as I'd expected. One enabled I dialed in the voltage regulator to the 4.2V stated on the LED module.

Now I connected the LED. It was bright. Too bright, and started flashing after a few seconds. This seems related to heat and could be a built in protection in the module. Because it got hot very fast. So did the voltage regulator. I had to dial it down while the LED was on to get a more sane setting. Once disconnected the voltage was at about 3V.

For this kind of setup you must use a current regulated power supply. I will test this one out to see if it handles the heat over a longer period. But you should not, this is wrong!

Anyway, I mounted everything on one of my favorite maker parts, a piece of glass fiber from the rotorbits series with pre-drilled holes.

Final assembly

And mounted it with velcro and a velcro strap on the mini-quad.

Mounted on the mini-quad
Headlights mounted on the mini-quad

Unfortunately I'm still waiting for a spare part from HobbyKing to complete the mini-quad itself and I it'll take at least another week before I get it. I'll update with night flight footage as soon as I get the parts and start flying it.

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