January 5, 2015

Decommissioning my first mini-quad

Since I have the parts waiting for my fourth mini-quad build there's a need to get rid of one of the others. My first mini-quad has been a fantastic machine for learning and crashing but it has some short comings and I need the telemetry receiver and flight controller for my next build.

But instead of just tearing it apart and letting the parts rot in a corner I will refit it with a spektrum receiver and a KK board I'm not using and give it to a fellow hobbyist that I think should get started with FPV.

This post is for remembering the machine and some of the mistakes I made while building it.

My first FPV250, last moment before decommissioning

I'll take it appart top to bottom through the layers of rotorbits and plywood.

The video transmitter

First off is the video transmitter. The placement of the device caused the antenna connector to break away when I flew into something.

CC3D on a plate of plywood

Below the transmitter is the flight controller. An original DroTek CC3D. Loved it from the start and it made me consider the KK as crap (more an that later). I'm still using servo connector pins on this one.

Receiver and current sensor

I squeezed in the receiver in the "bay" of the frame. HobbyKing always wanted a KK to sit in here as a flight controller. The CC3D could never fit, especially considering the USB-port on the side. I used a special cable to wire SBUS into the CC3D and used two PWM ports to control the pan-tilt of the camera.

Pan-tilt coming off
The pan-tilt from fatshark was something I never liked. I had to drill and saw to be able to mount it upside down and to move the cable that annoyingly came out the back of the mount. Later on one of servos died (electronically). You don't always get what you pay for.

The current sensor
This was my third use of the current sensor from tje.dk. Fantastic device that just works and I have a hard time living without it now. Too bad Faastest receiver plus sensors comes with a considerable cost, otherwise all my models would have them by now.

After having removed all the electronics except for the ESC and motors I installed a KK 2.1.5 board together with a DSMX receiver. I flashed the KK with steveis latest firmware and WOW was I surprised. A lot have happened since I was trying to get my stock KK and KK++ SBUS flying and it was only flying like crap. After about 5 minutes adjusting the transmitter and the KK settings I now have a basic configuration the does what it should. Ready to give away and for someone else to give it eyes and learn how to fly.

FPV250 with KK board, the way HobbyKing wanted it

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