January 23, 2015

Cheerson CX10 range hack and a promo

I bought a Cheerson CX-10 a while back to bring to work to fly and let others try out flying. It's a great toy and except for the propellers it won't break. At least mine hasn't broken yet. It flies real well and has a stable hover for beginners to practice altitude control and get a feeling for the controls in general.

Mine however had ridiculously short range. Both in term of range and in term of obstacles. If anything, and I mean anything, was between the transmitter and the micro-quad it would fall dead to the ground. I figured something had to be wrong will my machine. It is very cheap and you have to live with some quality issues. My first idea was that the antenna was either missing or damaged. So I took it apart.

CX-10 inside antenna

As you can see from the picture the antenna is intact but it is located right where my finger will be while flying it. Most of the signal that should disperse to the front towards will instead just warm up my finger (very little, but you get the point).

CX-10 antenna moved to the outside

The solution was easy. I just cut a slot in the plastic case for the transmitter and bent the antenna slightly to let it pass out into the free air.

CX-10 external antenna

Now the antenna extends outside the transmitter and away from fingers instead of into them. The range is no longer a problem, at least at the office. But I haven't dared to fly into the bosses office yet...

Edit: The promo has expired since long...

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