November 9, 2014

Flight controller mounts

Flight controllers are getting smaller and smaller. OpenPilot launched the CC3D Atom a while back which takes another step for the compact builder. But, despite the development, some frames are still made with the old 50x50mm size in mind. They might not even have the common diagonal slots to make mounting a bit more general. Yes, I'm talking about my favorite, the Diatone FPV250.

Both HobbyKing and Banggood (other vendors too) have a few mounts and adapters for the 36mm boards. I ordered a few just to get a feel of how good they are and how well they can be used.

FC Mounts
Flight controller board mounts, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right.

As seen in the picture you can pick and choose between pure mounts, adapters and adapters with dampers.

Starting from the top left; this is a simple build with two carbon/glass fiber plates, a few holes in them and damper rubbers to hold them together. It's actually an adapter with a wider base. I really like this one, it's compact and has the right "feel" to the dampers. Also, it comes with an seemingly random set of nylon standoffs and screws. The screws are too long and does not fit in the standoffs. I might try this out on the next mini-quad build, maybe in the configuration below.

CC3D mounted on power distribution board and FC mount

To the top right is a 3D-printed adapter-damper mount. It has the right feel to it but looks kind of crappy being 3D-printed. It also has an enormous base and mounting it requires a lot of space. It does not fit inside the pit of the FPV250.

FC mount "on" the FPV250

The two bottom mounts are from HobbyKing. One adapter and one mount. The adapter is really simple and could be used in the FPV250 for a small flight controller. Thanks to the big hole in the middle it leaves a lot of room for the cables.

The last one to the right is the simplest of mounts. I don't really know what this is for since a set of standoffs would probably do the same job. One could imagine using this on the top of the flight controller as a protection. I'm unsure if even an angled set of servo headers would fit. Personally I always solder the signal wires and it would probably work for me.

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