November 3, 2014

Crappy chinese CC3D clone from banggood

Since I had gotten two CC3Ds from banggood that where really good, as good as the original ones, I had a third one come in a few weeks back. Today was the day that it was supposed to come into use. It didn't.

Turns out a got a bad one. I already started having suspicions when I took it out of the bag. The PCB on this one was much thinner than my previous ones. And with no greater surprise it turns out that it doesn't have a boot loader on it. Just as many have reported before on various forums.

What to do now? If you consult the forums most will tell you to chuck it and order the good stuff from drotek or similar. But can it be that hard to flash your own bootloader? I'll soon find out. Googling for a few seconds pointed me to a detailed description of the process. I only need to get a FTDI, but they aren't that many euros. I have already ordered one from Hong Kong. Hopefully I'll get it within a few weeks we'll see how well the flashing goes.

It seems not to have been as bad as I suspected. Since I considered the board to need some work to get it working if it would ever I started fiddling with it follow the guide on the openpilot wiki. Turns out I could actually flash a new bootloader onto the device using the rescue method. This means there is actually a bootloader on it but the device failed to boot for some reason, maybe the firmware was missing or corrupted.

Anyway. It seems to be working now. But since the "feel" of the device is not fantastic, I must build another small and cheap machine to put it in. :)


  1. how you solved the problem of the firmware?

    1. I was wrong. There was probably a bootloader on the device but it wouldn't let me flash new firmware. And the present firmware wasn't booting. After a few attempts I managed to flash a new bootloader (using only the rescue method in OP) and then the current firmware. Now it is flying happily in a mini-quad.

    2. Can you the firmware that you flashed?

    3. At the time I was using OpenPilot 14.06.01 and bootloader version 4 for CC3D.