October 22, 2014

Hamradio license and the next build project

I haven't done much building nor flying the last few weeks. I've been spending most of my time studying for a ham radio license to learn about radio systems and the issue we FPV fliers might cause while using out video transmitters.

I've also been waiting for parts. More specifically a CC3D from banggood which took 25 days to get through the Chinese mail system this time. Delivery times from said online vendor are often more than 20 days thus this is not in any way exceptional. The CC3D is part of the rebuild of my tri-copter that I have been planning for some time. The machine has a few issues I need to address.

Vibrations have been an issue from the start. Not a big issue but bad enough to cause jello in my flight footage. I've managed to track down the issue to one of the motors or most likely the prop mount. I'm using NTM Propdrive 2826  motors and there are a few reports of the prop mounts for said motors are quite crappy, but the motors are usually of decent quality. I've ordered a few extra mounts and will try to replace the suspected culprits.

Flight stability has not been what I require from this machine. This is not a racer and I intended to use it for relaxing FPV flying. The KK board has not delivered what I ask for. It is not stable, it does not correct very fast in Attitude mode, it does drift and sometimes gives you small surprises. And it does not speak S-BUS! I will try to use my new favorite, the CC3D, instead which takes time to trim but does not give you any surprises.

Cables are everywhere. Being my first multi rotor build I underestimated the need for planning in terms of where all the cables should go. Now it looks like a mess. I will redo all the signal cabling and thanks to the S-BUS capability of the CC3D I can loose the S-BUS decoder. All the FPV cabling needs to be redone as well.

Camera mounts are not in place. I will fly the machine with a mobius, I've tried it already and it works fine. But right now there's just a cushion with Velcro on it and I could do better than than. I also intend to try to put a GoPro clone on it to see if it beats the Mobius.

X900 with KK2.1.5 and cabling. And a CC3D next to it.

October 2, 2014

Finished the cheapest mini-quad...

...and took it for a test flight today. No FPV flying, I had the camera shutter set up all wrong. But I got to try out the CC3D settings and see if all worked as it should.

Here's the result. I'm very satisfied so far.