September 11, 2014

Ridiculous battery connector

I used to fly my 250 helicopters with the same 1300mah 3S batteries I use for the mini-quads. This simply to avoid having many different battery configurations. Those batteries are actually slightly too large for that application. I also used the EC3 connector on said helicopters. Which is not easy. They are hard to fit under the canopy and hard to disconnect without ruining the little helicopter.

EC3 connector on a CopterX 250

The 250 helicopters usually comes with a JST on them and today I finally gave up and started the move to smaller batteries and smaller connectors. I will use a 1000mAh configuration instead. 850mAh is actually the recommended size but most 850mAh batteries have high C-rating and are as heavy as a 1000mAh 20C. And 20C is 5A more than the 15A ESC can handle.

JST connector

I got two batteries in the mail today and they had said JST connector already. Which is great. So I started by changing connector on the CopterX 250. That was easy.

But then it came down to an "old" Turnigy battery of the same configuration I had laying around. This one was equipped with a XT60 connector and a 14awg wire. This is a battery built to deliver over 60A and I'm gonna pull 10 maybe 12 out of it. Alright, so how do you put a JST connector on a 12awg wire?

I did it by uncovering the cable and cutting away half of the strands inside.

After that I used heat shrink tube in two steps to get down to a size that can pass into the JST connector.

Heatshrink step down metod to reduce the cable size

JST connector crimped onto the cable

And then, when it all comes together, it looks really awesome. Or ridiculous. (sorry for the quality)

JST on 14awg wire!

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