September 19, 2014

I learned what New Caledonia is today!

I've been waiting almost a month for one of my orders from banggood and the tracking hasn't been updated for 3 weeks. The last tracking information was flight departure from China.

I mailed banggood about this and they just responded that it might be because of the bad weather. But that I should wait a bit longer. And now it turns out that it might actually be because of some bad weather because the airplane apparently dropped my package over the Atlantic where it has been swimming around for a while.

Today, I got the big surprise. The tracking information has been updated and the package was apparently sent from "New Caledonia". Wow. This is like when HobbyKing sent their packages via Fiji. I had too google New Caledonia. Now I know where it is and why it is taking some time...

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