September 2, 2014

Diatone 18# from HobbyKing, but not the latest version

Malaysia post lost two of my packages from HobbyKing about 3 months ago. And that's the time it takes for HobbyKing to process the complaint and everything before you can get your refund.

Anyway. With some dollars on the point account I went shopping for some lipos that I've considering for testing a lighter configuration on my EDF and the 250 helis. While doing this I discovered that HobbyKing has a new mini quad frame that they call the Slick 220. It is a Diatone 18# but version 1. Version 1? Seriously, banggood has been selling version 3 for some time now!

The 18# frames are nice and I liked the build quality of my 17#. But they're a bit heavy. If they could (and they should be able to) shave off some 50g from their frame they'd be even better.

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