September 22, 2014

Chinese CC3D

After a long wait I got a chinese CC3D today. I've been warned about these things but I was just too curious to not try it. I already have two original CC3D and they fly great but are a tad bit too expensive for my next scrap build. So I wanted to give this one a try. I bought the CC3D from banggood and got myself a 3D-printed protective case while I was at it.

First impression is positive. Most reports about the CC3Ds have been that they come without bootloader, which makes them more or less unusable by most people. But this particular one came with the latest firmware, which is positive. Hooking it up to the GCS just worked and everything seems to react as it should. I HAVE NOT flown it yet and there are still a great chance/risk that the sensors are not of top quality!

CC3D with 3D-printed hard case

This device has something that is different from the two I already have. It has the SWD connector soldered on the board. I will hopefully never ever use this connector and it does not really matter except for one thing. It does not fit into the hard case that I ordered with it. But it's not impossible to fix.

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