August 7, 2014

Using an accessory on the controller outputs on the CC3D

When using the CC3D board on a quad copter the controller has two left over outputs directly accessible on the board. The left over outputs can easily be used for gimbal output since the software has a built in configuration tool for it. But what if you would like to run any arbitrary device on this outputs.

First of all, you can use the Receiver port for PWM output. If this is an option, go for that instead which would be much easier. But in my case I use S-BUS which leaves the Receiver port empty and for installation purposes I would like to keep it like that, there is after all a PWM output with pins available.

I did figure out a way to use one of the output pins through the manual mixer for any arbitrary input channel. This way can also be used to use the flight mode channel (if you are short in transmitter channels) to mix it into an accessory output.

First I assign my channel to an input under the input tab. This is really simple and has full support in the GCS. Here I just pick S-BUS channel 6 to be assigned to the internal channel Accessory0.

The next step is to setup the mixer. This requires manual mixing and for some reason the GCS is somewhat limited here. But if you have already setup you craft configuration everything should be fine and you can fiddle with only a few values in the manual configuration tool.

I will use the ThrottleCurve2 as input to the mixer. Obviously, you wont be able to use that curve for flying any more. Under the configuration tab go to MixerSettings. Change Curve2Source to Accessory0, our channel 6. Then change Mixer5Type to servo (or whatever) and under Mixer5Vector type 127 into ThrottleCurve2. And thats it!

It seems that after having done this, the GCS GUI won't work for changing the mixer settings and you will have to live will the manual configuration from now on.

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