August 8, 2014

Simple LC-filter for the X900

I haven't been flying the X900 much for a couple of reason. Firstly it does not fly well with the firmware I loaded into the KK board. I haven't taken the time to fix this simply because the FPV system isn't working well either.

The FPV setup has a big issue with both jello and motor/esc interference. The jello problem comes from a prop mount which isn't straight. It came like that in the box but took me a while to discover the problem. Apparently I'm not alone with this issue. If you choose to buy the cheap NTM prop drives with accessories from HobbyKing, buy a few extra to save the 3-4 weeks wait for replacements.

I took care of the interference problem today by building a simple LC filter. I made it simpler than most recommendations and used only a solenoid and an electrolytic capacitor. This is mainly because I had no ceramic capacitors on the shelf. Next time, I'll put one of those into it as well to really really overdo it just in case.

LC filter on the X900. Sorry for the crappy image.

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