August 18, 2014

Power distribution boards

I've never used power distribution boards for my builds but I did consider it for my last build but decided not to use one. I think that might have been a mistake, the build would have been easier with a power distribution board. Even though I don't use them yet, I ordered a few (since they aren't very costly) to get a good look at what they offer. I need a board which works with the smaller type of flight controller like the CC3D which narrows down the options a bit.

Power distribution boards

As you can see I even managed to two of the same kind. The middle ones are the same but with different colors and different brands.

The leftmost one is the one I actually need. It has the same dimensions as my CC3D board and will fit perfectly in a mini quad. It's rated at 50 amperes, which is probably not true, but even at half of that I still have a margin down to 20 amperes where my mini quads peak. I've only found those boards at HobbyKing so far.

The middle ones are essentially the crius board and a clone. They could have been a good pick. As you can see they have a double set of mounting holes, the outer ones which would fit a larger flight controller like the KK board and a set of inner ones. But the inner ones are too widely spaced for a small flight controller. If I find a board like this but with inner holes which fit the CC3D I will buy and use it.

The rightmost is a bit of an odd piece. It has built-in DC-DC converters (BEC). One rated at 12V and the other one variable 3-20V, which is practical. Sadly the placement of the soldering pads, with one pole at each sides, makes it more of a power board than an actual distribution board. With this board you'll still get cables going back and fourth, but you can loose one or two BECs from your build.

Edit: The middle boards are designed for the MultiWii controller which commonly has 35mm hole spacing whereas the CC3D and Naze32 has 30.5mm spacing.

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