July 16, 2014

One more millimeter please

I finally got the long frame upgrade for the FPV250. It took Malaysia post no less than 44 days to get it to me and I'm not too happy about that since HobbyKing has launched a third generation in the mini-quad series and I will probably not build anything with this frame. In fact, I have already a ordered the Laser230 / Diatone 17.

Anyway. I had to check it out. Not much too say, it's three pieces of something that looks like thick carbon fiber but feels heavier than expected, a set of metal standoffs and socket button head screws.

I just so happen to have a board camera arrive the same day, a Sony Super HAD-II, which I think is better than the Fatshark cameras I have had before. This frame is supposed to be good for board cameras but no. My particular camera is 1mm too big for the frame. 1mm? I can fix this with a few washers.

Long frame front with Sony board camera.

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