July 7, 2014

New mini-quad motors announced by myrcmart

Myrcmart has announced their launch of a new generation of motors for mini-quads. This was probably some time back, but I haven't noticed until now when I started looking for a budget motor for my next build.

They now offer a slightly bigger version of the 1804, namely the 1806. I fly the 1804 now and I am very pleased, but a friend of mine has gotten much further in flying skills and think the 1804 is not delivering in sharp turns and avoidance manoeuvres.

In addition to this new motor they also have a smaller 1306, it's too small for a 230-250-size but would be very interesting for a smaller build, say a 200. A sub 200 would probably be great for FPV but wouldn't be able to carry a heavier camera (Mobius) for recording.

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