July 7, 2014

New mini-quad frames from HobbyKing

HobbyKing announced today their "third" generation of 250-size quad frames. That is counting the intermediate long frame for the original FPV 250.

The new frames are the low-hung clean-dirty frame addition to the original FPV250. I think this design is stupid as it will brake the expensive stuff on a hard landing. However, it has the advantage of being based on the FPV250 which is itself unbreakable.

The next one is a folding 230-size frame. It looks not very thought-through, as those arms wont fold much when there is a motor, prop and ESC on it. And the result might be a half-foldable quad with arm rigidity sacrificed for nothing.

The last one, my pick, is the non-folding version of the above, called the Laser230. It is obvious that it is inspired (please replace by your favorite expression for this thing) by other mini sized quads. It looks less rigid than the originals, having only one "carbon fiber" layer on the arms. It also lacks power distribution.

Of course, I've ordered one right away, my FPV250 v2 will probably build on this frame.

Update: The FPV250LH, Switchblade 200 and Laser230 seems to go by the names FPV250 v3, Mini 200 v1 and Diatone 17#, respectively.

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