July 6, 2014

HobbyKing parcels via Malaysia stuck?

It's been 40 days, and counting, since my last order from HobbyKing. And the parcels tracking number is not even registered with my domestic courier yet. I normally receive parcels from HobbyKing, sent with the cheapest shipping option, within 20 days, often around 14. But this time my orders seems to have gotten stuck.

It turns out HobbyKing is blaming Malaysia Post. And they are probably right to do so. HobbyKing says Malaysia Post claims that the backlogs should be cleared by end of June. But I doubt it. Another writer seems to have been experiencing delays already since April. Will Malaysia Post walk the same path as Fiji Post. And will we then get the Hong Kong post service back even with HobbyKing?

Update: My next order was shipped via Singapore. I really hope this doesn't mean that even more delay is to be expected for the three parcels stuck in Malaysia.

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