June 3, 2014

KK Flight controller from dx

I just received a KK 5.5 flight controller board from dx.com. I didn't order this board, in fact I ordered an USBAsp but the item was mislabeled in the warehouse and I got a controller board instead.

I wouldn't have ordered this in the first place since I've gotten used to flying the CC3D which is much better. And after having seen this board I'm even more skeptic to these cheap boards.

As you can see from the pictures the board is dirty. Very dirty. It's as if it has already been used, gotten wet and left to dry without cleaning. The soldering looks alright, with the exception of a few components which are not mounted straight.

Now what to do with this device? Maybe I should try it in my upcoming Bixler FPV build to get flight stabilization...

KK 5.5 Board, top side

KK 5.5 Board, bottom side

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