May 28, 2014

Bixler FPV, inventory check

I've since long planned to put an FPV system on my Bixler to start flying FPV with a fixed wing craft. It would be easy to just put camera and transmitter on the plywood FPV platform for the Bixler and be done with it but the machine itself needs some adjustments as well.

Right now the power system consists of the "stock" ESC and a 2836 950Kv motor. The motor is a bad pick for the airplane. It's over sized but too slow. I would either need a bigger prop or a faster motor. I will go with a faster motor to be able to stay with the same prop and get the air speed up a bit.

The stock ESC has rumors of being kind of an asshole when it comes to low voltage cut off in the sense that it cuts the radio system power as well. And we all know what that means. Additionally I'm not too happy about the current wiring mess in the fuselage and I will be putting more stuff into it which means I need to tidy up.

Here's the new stuff that I need.

  • Motor: HobbyKing 2834 1250Kv
  • ESC: Keep the stock one (20A)
  • UBEC: HobbyWing 3A switch-mode
  • 3x2dm 16AWG motor leads
  • FPV Camera mount
  • Vtx: ImmersionRC 600mW
  • FPV Camera: Sony super HAD-II board camera
  • LC filter components: Coil and capacitor
  • JST connectors and 22AWG cables

I intended to start this build already tonight, expecting it to take a few weeks but it seems that all parts are not yet in place. I have most stuff already, LC filter and camera components are ordered and shipped but I need them later anyway. But I need cables right from the start and as usually I have ran out of 16AWG cables.

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